Dedicated Link Building Campaign
A dedicated link building campaign to increase your positions in the search engines.

Google uses a PageRank system which it uses to rate how important/popular websites are, the higher your PageRank value the better. Rank4u always aim for a PR of 5 or more.

The PR value of the site is determined by a number of factors but the main factor is linkage. The more incoming links you have, the better PR value you will have.

Some search engine optimisation companies will link your website to completely unrelated websites or even link your site on spam sites.

Rank4u's advanced link building team only use high quality, related links on websites with a PR value of 3 or more. This ensures your site will NOT get banned in the search engines for spamming.

Throughout the whole length of your campaign the Rank4u link building team will:

  • Find high quality websites to link from
  • Monitor your PR Value & Backward links
  • Increase & maintain your PR Value (always aiming for PR 5 and above)