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    'Jagger Update2 will be Upgraded to Update3 Status Next Week (ISEDB)They say both good and bad things come in threes. Historically, Google updates have provided both good and bad things for search engine optimizers, though generally not in that order. They also tend to come in three sections. Jagger, the algorithm update that is sweeping the globe is no different. The first round of the Jagger update hit last week and seemed to take particular interest in sites

    'Microsoft Plans to Build its Own Digital Library Project (ISEDB)Microsoft Corp announced plans to build its own digital library but without getting into legal troubles. The company said it will focus mainly on public domain books to avoid the legal issues met by Google Print. Microsoft plans to initially work with an industry organization called the Open Content Alliance to let users search about 150,000 pieces of published material. Microsoft will have a

    'Google Bowling (ISEDB)Have you heard about the latest "sport" in dirty online business? It's called Google Bowling and it represents a gaping flaw in Google's system that allows your competitors to sabotage your site to the point of getting it banned or penalized.

    'Online PR and Press Release Optimization (ISEDB)Working with client PR firms to optimize press releases often generates some interesting discussion and education about writing style and keyword usage. A lot of press releases seem to be written by budding poets or ex-ad copywriters trying to be clever with the reader. This does not always bode well for keyword based ranking in algorithmic news and search engines.

    'Time of the essence for online advertising (ISEDB)Online advertising is entering a fourth phase of innovation. Each of the previous waves of online marketing innovation has directly influenced or informed the development of successive waves. Starting with banner ads ten years ago, the online economy has revolved around advertising. While subscriber fees, government grants and private investment capital paid for the development of the backbone,

    'Realistic SEO Expectations (ISEDB)There are plenty of companies that will say they can do whatever you want them to do. You want to be #1 for spring? Sure, no problem. They will happily take your money, do some work, and promptly get no results. Don't blame them though -- they were just telling you what you wanted to hear.

    'Google Confirmed Plans For Classified-Ads System (ISEDB)Google today confirmed the existence of test service called Google Base which lets users submit information to a searchable Google database according to a page posted at that was available briefly on Tuesday as reported by The Wall Street Journal. This will put Google in direct competition with eBay and going to slowly take away from eBay's market especially in international

    'All Your Bases are Belonging to Google (ISEDB)Google is rumoured to be developing a tool so powerful it could dominate the online auction and classified advertising sectors. Known as Google Base , what appears to be the Alpha-phase or first development stage of the program has been featured on Google focused blogs for the past 24 hours.

    'Leonardo works on Digital Asset Management platform for SynXis worldwide ( the announcement, David Elton, managing director, Leonardo said that SynXis selected Leonardo to provide a rich content repository and distribution system that will allow centralised production, ownership, management and distribution of rich-content for all of the properties using their RedX Distribution Management System.

    'Searching for the secret to search engines (Stuff)Every business wants to be on Google's front page. But how do they get there? Reuben Schwartz reports on the firms that make it happen.

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