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    'Google Bowling (ISEDB)Have you heard about the latest "sport" in dirty online business? It's called Google Bowling and it represents a gaping flaw in Google's system that allows your competitors to sabotage your site to the point of getting it banned or penalized.

    'Search Engine Optimisation (ISEDB)A 100% client retention Managed internet marketing Solutions, natural, PPC, here for full story

    'Searching for the secret to search engines (Stuff)Every business wants to be on Google's front page. But how do they get there? Reuben Schwartz reports on the firms that make it happen.

    'Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Defending Google Print (ISEDB)Last week Google CEO Eric Schmidt has written an article for the print Wall Street Journal defending its program "Google Print Library Project" , which has prompted two lawsuits so far. The letter came as a reply to some members of the publishing industry who believe this program violates copyright law and trying to stop it. "Google Print's job is to make it easier for people to find books." Eric

    'Google Hires Executive To Lead China Business Development (ISEDB)Google Inc. hired executive Johnny Chou to lead its sales and business development in China . The move follows Google's move to bring on former Microsoft executive Kai-Fu which created a legal battle with Microsoft accusing Google and its former executive of violating a non-compete agreement. The matter is still working its way through U.S. courts. Lee who previously served as UT Starcom's

    'Microsoft Plans to Build its Own Digital Library Project (ISEDB)Microsoft Corp announced plans to build its own digital library but without getting into legal troubles. The company said it will focus mainly on public domain books to avoid the legal issues met by Google Print. Microsoft plans to initially work with an industry organization called the Open Content Alliance to let users search about 150,000 pieces of published material. Microsoft will have a

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