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    'Search Engine Optimisation (ISEDB)A 100% client retention Managed internet marketing Solutions, natural, PPC, here for full story

    'Searching for the secret to search engines (Stuff)Every business wants to be on Google's front page. But how do they get there? Reuben Schwartz reports on the firms that make it happen.

    'SEO Ranking Factors - the Rand Fishkin interview (e-Consultancy)(###link###2###) Rand Fishkin is an SEO consultant based in Seattle. He runs (###link###3###), a community web resource dedicated to improving understanding of search optimisation and related subjects. His background spans web design and development, usability and search marketing. 1. We featured your excellent (###link###4###) Search Engine Ranking Factors study in last week?s

    'Google Confirmed Plans For Classified-Ads System (ISEDB)Google today confirmed the existence of test service called Google Base which lets users submit information to a searchable Google database according to a page posted at that was available briefly on Tuesday as reported by The Wall Street Journal. This will put Google in direct competition with eBay and going to slowly take away from eBay's market especially in international

    '50 Things You Need To Know About Online (Media Week Online)Here's 50 crucial facts about the world of internet advertising designed to help keep you on the pace.

    'Google Hires Executive To Lead China Business Development (ISEDB)Google Inc. hired executive Johnny Chou to lead its sales and business development in China . The move follows Google's move to bring on former Microsoft executive Kai-Fu which created a legal battle with Microsoft accusing Google and its former executive of violating a non-compete agreement. The matter is still working its way through U.S. courts. Lee who previously served as UT Starcom's

    'Yahoo Eliminated the Monthly Minimum for Sponsored Search (ISEDB)Yahoo eliminated the $20 monthly minimum spending requirement for Sponsored Search in its Yahoo! Search Marketing. Previously, all Sponsored Search advertisers were required to spend at least $20 a month in click-through charges. Now, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you like, with no minimum to meet.

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