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    'Branding With Search Marketing (ISEDB)Branding is a major goal for marketers around the world, and companies typically allocate big bucks for this objective. But branding was always hard to measure, that is until the web became a commercial medium.

    'From eCRM to SEM (CRM Knowledge Base)Digital marketing is growing fast. But it is still a mystery to many people. Case studies help to explain what works, and why Do you know your search engine marketing from your search engine optimisation?

    'Yahoo CEO belittles Google's expansion (ISEDB)Yahoo Inc. Chairman Terry Semel belittled rival Google Inc.'s recent efforts to expand beyond its leading Internet search engine, describing the diversification as a haphazard attempt to catch up with his company. Semel also said to the audience that he believes Yahoo ultimately will be rewarded for its more diversified approach to the Internet. "This is a marathon run, not a sprint," he said.

    'Yahoo Ads Blog-Search Feature (ISEDB)Yahoo has added Web logs, or blogs, to its online news-search tool as a supplement to professional media offerings. Under Yahoo's approach, keyword search for online news will include a list of relevant blogs displayed in a box to the right of the results. click here for full story

    'SEO Business - The Joys of Reselling (ISEDB)As a facet of the Internet economy, search engine optimization is a specialized service that shares several characteristics with other web-based businesses. While the objects of our labours might be seen and used by millions of unique people in millions of unique places, our workspace consists of a 17" - 24" monitor, a miniature window on an exponentially expanding world. A 24" portal might seem

    'Search Engine Optimisation (ISEDB)A 100% client retention Managed internet marketing Solutions, natural, PPC, here for full story

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