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    'Google Earth, Yahoo In Talks With Real Estates Data Firm (ISEDB)CoStar, a real estate data provider is in talk with Google to integrate its vast stores of building information with the Google Earth interactive satellite mapping service. The company also in preliminary talks with Yahoo, its CEO said.The company tracks more than 200 bits of data on commercial buildings in the 80 or so biggest markets in the United States and plans to expand to the top 200

    'Google Payment System, Could it be real? (ISEDB)Gary Price from Search Engine Watch thinks something might be up. In the past week, Google has made some additions and adjustments to their Robots.txt file disallowing specific directories (content they don't want others to crawl) from being here for full story

    'Search Engine Optimisation (ISEDB)A 100% client retention Managed internet marketing Solutions, natural, PPC, here for full story

    'Yahoo CEO belittles Google's expansion (ISEDB)Yahoo Inc. Chairman Terry Semel belittled rival Google Inc.'s recent efforts to expand beyond its leading Internet search engine, describing the diversification as a haphazard attempt to catch up with his company. Semel also said to the audience that he believes Yahoo ultimately will be rewarded for its more diversified approach to the Internet. "This is a marathon run, not a sprint," he said.

    'Yahoo buys Whereonearth To Compete More Effectively With Google (ISEDB)Yahoo said on Tuesday it has acquired a small UK company called Whereonearth to help improve its local search and mobile phone services and compete more effectively with Google. Whereonearth specializes in location-based Internet services, including a sophisticated database of geographical locations that will let users search for local goods and services without entering a zip code or post code.

    'Yahoo Ads Blog-Search Feature (ISEDB)Yahoo has added Web logs, or blogs, to its online news-search tool as a supplement to professional media offerings. Under Yahoo's approach, keyword search for online news will include a list of relevant blogs displayed in a box to the right of the results. click here for full story

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