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search engine optimisation News Archive



    'Google Appoints Ann Mather to its Board of Directors (ISEDB)Google Inc. has appointed Ann Mather to its Board of Directors. Mather will serve as Chairperson for Google's Audit Committee. Ms. Mather has been a director on the Board of the Central European Media Enterprises group since April 2004, and serves on its Audit and Compensation Committees. She served as a director for from May 2004 until it was acquired by Ebay in 2005. She was Chair

    'Taking aim... (Agencyfaqs!)WITH global marketers making a bid to strengthen their grip across sectors, the search for novel ways to market products is perennial. And the word that is doing the rounds these days for internet marketers is ?search engine marketing?.

    'Jagger Algo Update Part 2 (ISEDB)This is the second part of the Google Jagger update discussion.. This article shall discuss the specific areas the Jagger update has altered in the Google algorithm and its possible implications on the search engine rankings.

    'Pay-For-Performance Pricing Models for Search Engine Optimization (ISEDB)In the SEO business, there is a lot that can be done to a client's site that is likely to give them success. However, even in the best of circumstances limitations to what can be performed on a site are inevitable. Does the SEO have free range over the entire site or just a few pages Do they have permission to re-design the site, reword content significantly or change the navigational structure

    'Google Calendar (GCalendar) is coming soon (ISEDB)Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration reports that the domain is live. "The domain is live now though it shows the main Google search page for the moment. I noticed this while seeing one of my website referral Even before the launch of Google Talk and Google Base, their subdomains went live few days before the actual launch. The same can be anticipated with

    '[ Register (New Media Knowledge)Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultancy Greenlight announced the launch of its specialist training arm, Catalyst on 10 November. The new division's remit is to demystify Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click techniques for businesses of all sizes...

    'Interview with Gerard-Jan van Wageningen, revenue and pricing manager, P&O Ferries ( a new dynamic pricing strategy - cheapest prices can be found via our P&O ferries website - in an effort to drive more direct business. Further simplified the pricing structure to achieve the main share of our business via our direct pricing curves.

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