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search engine optimisation News Archive



    '[ Register (New Media Knowledge)Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultancy Greenlight announced the launch of its specialist training arm, Catalyst on 10 November. The new division's remit is to demystify Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click techniques for businesses of all sizes...

    'Pay-For-Performance Pricing Models for Search Engine Optimization (ISEDB)In the SEO business, there is a lot that can be done to a client's site that is likely to give them success. However, even in the best of circumstances limitations to what can be performed on a site are inevitable. Does the SEO have free range over the entire site or just a few pages Do they have permission to re-design the site, reword content significantly or change the navigational structure

    'Google's Jagger Update Completing Cycles (ISEDB)Ever since Google introduced its latest algorithm update in September, a fair amount of column space has been dedicated to telling webmasters and small business owners to wait until the update is complete. In so much as it can be said that the Jagger Update will ever be complete, the final cycle of the immediate update appears to be playing out.

    'Porn Industry Target Google Base (ISEDB)The Porn industry wasted no time to take advantage of Google base to spread their innovative search marketing know-how beyond image search redirects according to Loren Baker. "Not a big surprise here being that the porn and gambling industries are the most popular paid content industries online, and Google Base listings are an obvious way to funnel users into their content."

    'Taking aim... (Agencyfaqs!)WITH global marketers making a bid to strengthen their grip across sectors, the search for novel ways to market products is perennial. And the word that is doing the rounds these days for internet marketers is ?search engine marketing?.

    'Jagger Algo Update Part 1 (ISEDB)Google has recently done a major algorithm update, nick named Jagger update series. This article gives an overview of how and why Google needs to update its website ranking algorithms periodically.

    '5 Ways Google Will Help You With Your Traffic (ISEDB)If youve ever had a severe drop in your Google rankings in search results, you may think of Google more of an enemy than an ally.But if you knew what I do, youd realize that there are tools provided by the search engine that help you learn more about your traffic, and may even help drive visitors to your site.Here are five ways that Google provides free traffic assistance.

    'CBS Says in Talks with Google for Video Search (ISEDB)CBS television network is in discussions with Google Inc. for video search and on-demand video, CBS chairman Leslie Moonves said Tuesday. "We're talking to them about a whole slew of things including video-on-demand, including video search," Moonves told Reuters in an interview regarding Google, ahead of Reuters's Media and Advertising Summit next week. CBS's discussions have not been restricted

    'Super affiliate marketing - the Vinny Lingham interview (e-Consultancy)Vinny Lingham is the Founder of incuBeta, a world leader in Affiliate Marketing & Paid Search employing over 40 talented technologists & search marketers, which also owns, a well recognized Super Affiliate. Vinny's blog is available at (###link###2###), and he is also a regular contributor to (###link###3###) Revenews and is recognised as one of

    'Ask Jeeves Signs Content Agreement With GoFish (ISEDB)Ask Jeeves Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with GoFish that will integrate entertainment-related multimedia content into its search engine. The first phase of the integration, which has already been implemented, enables visitors to Ask Jeevesto listen, browse, purchase, and download music, video, podcasts, audio books, movies, music videos, and ring tones. The new services are available at

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