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search engine optimisation News Archive



    ' Launches Comparison Shopping Search in Japan and China (ISEDB) today announced the launch of comparison shopping search websites in both Japan and China is the first U.S. comparison shopping search engine to launch in both Japan and China, and the first comparison shopping search engine to be available in the three largest internet markets by number of users (U.S., China and

    'Got the search nailed (Sydney Morning Herald)Luke O'Mara can spot an opportunity. The second-generation builder knew that to expand the 40-year-old family business he needed to attract clients from beyond its immediate Hawkesbury area in Sydney's north. -

    'Google Offers Web Analytics for Free (ISEDB)Today, Google is re-branding Urchin under the name Google Analytics and making it available to everyone for nothing.The tools are intended to address a key aspect of successful Web sites, which is the ability to track user behavior to determine which features keep visitors on the site and which ones make them click away. Google Analytics can be used by Web site builders to figure out what

    'White paper: Search engine marketing (Netimperative)Search engine marketing firm ClickThrough offers a beginners guide to search engine marketing, along with guides on how to implement successful search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

    'Planning and Networking Key to Marketing Success (ISEDB)The searchable universe has expanded enormously over the past year. From the doubling or tripling of the size of search engine indexes to the evolution of several engines with unique focuses, the amount of data accessible by search engine users has grown faster this year than any other since the dawn of the public, commercial Internet.

    'Google Checks Out Interest In Online Book "Rental" Plan (ISEDB)Google has approached at least one book publisher to measure interest in a program for consumers to "rent" an online copy of new books for a week the Wall Street Journal reported. According to this publisher, the books wouldn't be downloadable or printable. The proposed price is 10% of each book's list price. "Google Print is exploring new access models to help authors and publishers sell more

    'Google Expects To See A Boost In Traffic (ISEDB)Google Inc stated in a financial filing Monday that it expects to see a boost in seasonal Internet use and online shopping queries in the fourth quarter "Internet usage and commercial queries typically increase significantly in the fourth quarter of each year," said the filing. "These seasonal trends have caused, and will likely continue to cause, fluctuations in our quarterly results, including

    'Netconcepts (The New Zealand Herald)* Who: Managing director Stephan Spencer. * Where: Based in Auckland and Madison, Wisconsin. * What: Internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

    'Greenlight launches search training division (Netimperative)Search engine marketing consultancy Greenlight has launched a specialist training arm in an attempt to ‚??demystify‚?? search engine optimisation and pay-per-click techniques for businesses.

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