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search engine optimisation News Archive



    'AOL Germany search engine to steer web users to Jewish museum (ISEDB)Online provider AOL Germany said Tuesday it will alter its search engine so that the Web site of the Jewish Museum in Berlin ranks at the top of the results whenever German internet users seek information involving Jews and the Nazis If a user types in the words "synagogue and Reichskristallnacht", showing they want to know more about the Nazi pogrom against German Jews on the evening of November

    'Common Sense Algorithm Chasing (ISEDB)I used to be a strong proponent of what is often referred to as "common-sense" SEO and a detractor from optimization by "algorithm chasing". While I still believe strongly in common-sense SEO (now more than ever) my views on algorithm chasing have evolved a certain degree.

    'LifeSearch hires Tamar for SEO (Netimperative)Life Insurance service LifeSearch has appointed ecommerce agency Tamar to improve the company‚??s position on key search engines including Google and MSN.

    'Google Giving Away Google Mini (ISEDB)Google is giving away a free Google Mini to any company replacing their legacy search solution with the Google Search Appliance. "Upgrade both your internal and public-facing search all in one quick step with Google's search trade-in program. If you replace your legacy search solution with a Google Search Appliance before the end of the year, we'll give you a Google Mini for free."

    'Is Google Moving Closer to Personalization? (ISEDB)While Google has long had the capability to personalize search with behavioral targeting, up until now it has elected not to do so. That may be about to change, as Google becomes more and more commercially focused.

    'Google Personalization Patent Filed (ISEDB)Google has applied for a patent that, at face value, looks as if they are thinking of radically altering the way they rank websites in the general organic search results. Titled, Personalization of placed content ordering in search results, the patent outlines a method for producing search engine results based on individual user profiles. This patent shouldn't be confused with another recently

    'A look at United's IT seven-tiered approach ( this initiative, United managed to save money and create new opportunities in the process, says report. The report evaluates various IT initiatives from customer experience theme to revenue optimisation perspective.

    'Planning and Networking Key to Marketing Success (ISEDB)The searchable universe has expanded enormously over the past year. From the doubling or tripling of the size of search engine indexes to the evolution of several engines with unique focuses, the amount of data accessible by search engine users has grown faster this year than any other since the dawn of the public, commercial Internet.

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