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search engine optimisation News Archive



    'Miva Launches Miva Match for Its U.S. Advertisers (ISEDB)MIVA today launched MIVA Matchģ a new search product that provides advertisers an easier way to manage their keyword campaigns and also helps to generate a greater number of qualified leads from searches on the MIVA network. Key highlights of MIVA Match include: Negative terming - This feature prevents ads from displaying when the search phrase contains specified keywords. Reporting - With new

    'Greenlight launches search training division (Netimperative)Search engine marketing consultancy Greenlight has launched a specialist training arm in an attempt to ‚??demystify‚?? search engine optimisation and pay-per-click techniques for businesses.

    'Murders most foul (The Star Online)Compiled by SHARIL DEWA

    'Common Sense Algorithm Chasing (ISEDB)I used to be a strong proponent of what is often referred to as "common-sense" SEO and a detractor from optimization by "algorithm chasing". While I still believe strongly in common-sense SEO (now more than ever) my views on algorithm chasing have evolved a certain degree.

    'Yahoo Quits Race for AOL Stake (ISEDB)Yahoo Inc. says it has dropped out of the running to buy a stake in Time Warner Inc.'s America Online Web portal and content activities. Yahoo Chief Executive Terry Semel met with Time Warner chairman Richard Parsons in New York to discuss a possible deal in late October. A Yahoo spokeswoman acknowledges there was a meeting, but denies Yahoo ever made any offer. "After we learned what their

    'Google Desktop Search Out of Beta (ISEDB)Google has removed the beta from the consumer and enterprise versions of its Google Desktop 2 application for indexing and finding information stored in PCs. The new Desktop search offers new sidebar panels, more plug-in development options, and better support for enterprise installations. You will find† a brand-new maps section on the product's Sidebar information panel. The maps panel

    'LifeSearch hires Tamar for SEO (Netimperative)Life Insurance service LifeSearch has appointed ecommerce agency Tamar to improve the company‚??s position on key search engines including Google and MSN.

    'Google Giving Away Google Mini (ISEDB)Google is giving away a free Google Mini to any company replacing their legacy search solution with the Google Search Appliance. "Upgrade both your internal and public-facing search all in one quick step with Google's search trade-in program. If you replace your legacy search solution with a Google Search Appliance before the end of the year, we'll give you a Google Mini for free."

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