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    'Google Tripled Its Work Force (ISEDB)In its most recent quarter, which ended Sept. 30, Google added 800 employees, bringing its global work force to 4,989. That's more than triple the total from just two years ago. "For a tech company to do that, we haven't seen that since the bubble," said Umesh Ramakrishnan, vice chairman at executive search firm Christian & Timbers. At the moment, Google has at least 1,000 positions available all

    'IBM Partners With Google on Enterprise Search (ISEDB)IBM has released a free plug-in that integrates its WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition enterprise search system with Google's enterprise desktop search tool. This integration will enable users to search for information not only on corporate repositories, but also on their desktops. The IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition Plug-In for Google Desktop for Enterprise

    'Protect Your Brand With Competitor Intelligence (ISEDB)There are many ways competitor intelligence research can give you a competitive advantage in achieving your website business goals. Competitor research is an integral part of premium SEO services. It can help you beat the competition in the SERPs (search engine results pages), and it also works to protect your brand

    'How Online Marketing Can Make a Difference For Your Business (ISEDB)Search engine marketing has boomed in recent years and statistics show that spending for online marketing is only going to continue to increase year after year. Several years ago the concept of running a website in conjunction with your "brick and mortar" store was seen as just another avenue to generate a handful more sales each year. Today, running a website is not only a great way to generate

    'Google Will Resume Scanning Copyrighted Library Books (ISEDB)Despite growing legal pressure from publishers and authors, Google Inc. said it plans to resume scanning copyrighted books in the collections of Stanford University and the University of Michigan. The company suspended its scanning of copyrighted books in libraries until today in order to give publishers time to request that their works not be scanned. Google also said it will focus on scanning

    'Thread: How to get my shop online - help the newbee (Startups)Hello all. (is this the right forum to post this in ?) I hope you can help. My name is Stephen I own a ladiewear retail business in Durham called persona. I have only been trading 2 year and things are not looking to bad.

    'Google Shows Interest in OpenOffice (ISEDB)Google is set to hire programmers to improve the open source program a demonstration of its affinity for open source initiatives and one the company believes also shows sound practical sense. "We want to hire a couple of folks to help make OpenOffice better," Chris DiBona, manager for open-source programs at Google, told The Google - announcement is the first major

    'SEO FrightSites: Top Thirteen Worst Website / Search Issues seen in 20055 (Part 2) (ISEDB)Everyone loves Top10 lists. In the SEO industry, where search engine results form the ultimate Top10 lists for clients and practitioners, the sheer number of ways a website, document or other spiderable object can be designed makes it very difficult to produce a general Top10 list for best practices. There are however, a number of basic mistakes made by webmasters, site designers and new

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