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    'UK Search market to grow to £1.41 billion in 2006 (e-Consultancy) Paid Search to easily burst through the £1 billion mark; SEO market to surge to £147 million after reaching its ?tipping point?... London, 18 May 2006: The size of the UK market for Search Engine Marketing will grow to £1.41 billion by the end of 2006, a 65% rise from £855 million in 2005, according to research published in E-consultancy?s 2006 Search Marketing Buyer?s Guide. The UK Paid

    'Blogs for SEO (WebProNews)In the past I've written tips about marketing business blogs with an emphasis on content, frequency and distribution. Just like with optimizing web sites for better search engine rankings, there's an abundance of information and tips on how to use blogs for business. As far as business blogs go, the two implementations that I see most often are blogs as a component of SEO or blogs as a public

    'What Is Web Analytics And Why Is It Crucial To The Retail Industry? (Online Recruitment)Web Analytics may sound like something your IT department should deal with but it is in fact a key part of online marketing. Its primary function is measuring how well a web site is doing its job.

    'Spiders Should Feel At Home on the Web (PR Web)The aim of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to improve the value of website visits through programming, link-building and a host of other skills that help search engines match users? search terms with relevant web pages. A huge part of SEO is making websites hospitable to the ?spiders? that automatically inspect web pages and send details of the content back to their engines? databases. (PRWEB

    'Ecommerce sites ‚??wasting money on search‚??- report (Netimperative)The majority of ecommerce websites are wasting their investments in search engine marketing through bad practice, according to new research.

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