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search engine optimisation News Archive



    'Investing in SEO: The 6-Point Checklist (Part 1) (ISEDB)Investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is expensive and time-consuming and is not suitable for every company or business sector. To determine whether your company should invest in SEO, there are a number of things you should consider to make sure it will be a sound investment.

    'US: Google drops BMW Germany from search listing (just-auto)Showing that not even the best performers always get it right, BMW Germany fell foul of anti-webspam measures last week and found itself delisted in Google?s index.

    'BMW back in with Google (PC Advisor)Following the restoration of its German site to the Google index, BMW has denied it used misleading practices and criticised the search company for excluding the site.

    'US: BMW websites back on Google's 'approved' list (just-auto)BMW has now been relisted in Google?s index after last week falling foul of the internet search engine?s anti-webspam measures. Google?s blog on Wednesday confirmed the automaker had complied with conditions for re-listing.

    'BMW given Google 'death penalty' (BBC News)German car giant BMW is blacklisted by Google after it is found manipulating the search engine's results.

    'Google punishes BMW for breaking SEO guidelines (New Media Zero)Google has punished German car manufacturer BMW for using search engine optimisation techniques that break its guidelines. The software firm has issued what?s known as the Google Death Penalty, severely reducing BMW?s Internet profile.

    'Google bans BMW and Ricoh from search listings (Computer Weekly)Google is axing the German BMW website from its search engine listings after it claimed BMW was incorrectly re-directing users to its pages.

    'Kempinski shifts to IDeaS ASP revenue optimisation (, which has been associated with IDeaS having used IDeaS Enterprise solution for more than six years, decided to shift to IDeaS ASP product to employ the benefits of IDeaS Best Available Rate functionality and integration with Rate Shopper price recommendations.

    'Google's 'death penalty' strikes again (ZDNet Australia)A decision by Google to blacklist BMW's German Web site for allegedly boosting its Internet search ranking in breach of Google guidelines has divided experts and Web users, as another big-name company comes in for the same treatment.

    'Cyberman: Rhodri Marsden (Independent)If you're wealthy, bored and living in Germany, it's just conceivable that you might go looking for a new BMW on the internet. However, tap BMW into the Google Deutschland search engine and you'll find no links to, the German car giant's main site. Google removed it from its database on Saturday after it caught the company using code on its web pages that, for example, might lead people

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