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search engine optimisation News Archive



    'Alexa Will Provide Specialized Data For Software Developers (ISEDB)Alexa, a small San Francisco-based search engine that Amazon purchased in 1999, said it will offer tools that let Web developers make special requests for information such as images or music files during Web crawls, something that other commercial search engines generally don't allow. A test version of this service, called the Alexa Web Search Platform, will be widely available to the public

    'Search engine marketing company, Inceptor, expands into Europe (e-Consultancy)Appoints Jon Lawford to head business development at search engine marketing company, Inceptor; opens new London-based sales & marketing office to promote pay per click(PPC) search marketing platform ( ) Inceptor, Inc.( ), a leading provider of PPC search engine internet marketing

    'Top Rankings Guarantees Debunked (Again) (ISEDB)Each week I get calls from prospective clients looking for some kind of guarantee for our services. Sure, we can provide a guarantee that gives us enough wiggle room to be useless, but most people would rather work with a company that is a bit more forthright in their business practices.

    'Does the Length of Your Domain Registration Affect Your Search Engine Rankings (ISEDB)Does the length of your website's domain name registration affect the search results at Google This question has come up recently and a lot of website owners have been wondering about it, especially since it was mentioned in a patent awarded to Google in April. According to the patent, "Certain signals may be used to distinguish between illegitimate and legitimate domains. For example, domains

    'SEO For The Big Three (ISEDB)Ranking your website highly on one of the "big three" search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) is a daunting task let alone ranking your website highly on all three. Three engines, three algorithms, three different sets of rules - and yet there are websites out there that have first page rankings across them all - how do they do it?

    'Microsoft May Share Its Online Ad Revenue (ISEDB)Microsoft Corp. may consider sharing its online-advertising revenue with consumers who use its Internet search engine in an attempt to attract more users to Microsoft's search business. "We'll actually go to users and say instead of us keeping all that ad revenue, we'll actually share some of it back with the user," said Mr. Gates, according to a transcript supplied by Microsoft. "The user

    'TopRank Spotlight on Search - Interview with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz (ISEDB)Rand Fishkin is the owner of SEOmoz, a resource site for search engine optimization and consulting services. Two Rand has received some excellent attention in the media recently with a feature in Newsweek and was Slash dotted, twice in a week.

    'Google to Provide Music Section (ISEDB)Google Inc. will begin providing links to music artists' songs, lyrics and other related material at the top of the results page. The music section, scheduled to debut today, is similar to other special sections Google has created to make it easier to find information about airline flights, express freight shipments, news articles, movies and weather. Among other things, Google's music section

    'Best of the Web Launches Blog Directory (ISEDB)The Best of the Web, one of the Internet original website directories (created in 1994), has decided to tackle the blogosphere in a big way by introducing a hand-edited blog directory. Although the directory was soft launched on November 12 of this year and officially launched November 15th at the WebmasterWorld Search Engine and Internet Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, the directory boasts

    'Essential Venues for Small Business in 2006 (ISEDB)Search engine marketing has displaced every traditional media with the exception of television in relevancy and importance in the eyes of ad-buyers. With much lower costs and a much greater reach, online advertising makes up the second largest area in which advertisers spend money and marketers pass messages. There are a growing number of advertising channels available via the Internet and the

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