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    'Search engine marketing company, Inceptor, expands into Europe (e-Consultancy)Appoints Jon Lawford to head business development at search engine marketing company, Inceptor; opens new London-based sales & marketing office to promote pay per click(PPC) search marketing platform ( ) Inceptor, Inc.( ), a leading provider of PPC search engine internet marketing

    'South Korean Fine Sends Microsoft a Message (ISEDB)Anti-trust regulators in South Korea fined Microsoft a megre $32 million today after ruling it had abused its dominance of the software market by using the unfair business practice of tying certain software packages to the Windows OS. The ruling also orders Microsoft to offer an alternative Windows package in South Korea within six months similar to one ordered by European trade regulators in

    'Search Engine Marketing Company, Inceptor, Expands into Europe (PrimeZone via Yahoo! Finance) Inceptor, Inc., a leading provider of PPC search engine internet marketing technology, today named Jon Lawford director of new business development for the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

    'AOL - The Greased Pig of Search is about to get caught (ISEDB)For the past three months, AOL has been acting like the greased pig of the search engine world. Each of the other major players has been trying to capture a piece of AOL but according to the breathless reporting in publications such as the Wall St. Journal, Search Engine Watch, CNet News and WebProNews, AOL has been playing each against the other.

    'Mailtrack launches Mailtrack Media (e-Consultancy)Mailtrack launches Mailtrack Media Mailtrack is pleased to announce the re-launch of its media services division, now known as Mailtrack Media. Mailtrack Media, who work with clients such as TMobile, American Express, Toyota, Royal Bank of Scotland, along with the country?s largest agencies , is re-launching with a new brand identity and website . The new brand

    'Search Gets Clever (RedNova)By Derrick, Stuart Engines are using search results to learn more about consumers and, in turn, offer them more relevant and personalised services that keep them coming back.

    'Google's Ten Golden Rules, (at least 70% of the time) (ISEDB)Google gets lots of news coverage as it has grown into the behemoth it is today and has been fighting a corporate image problem. People are starting to compare it with Microsoft in the most unflattering of ways. Google is naturally defending itself and its reputation but, in a recent interview with John Battelle, CEO Eric Schmidt said Google appreciates all the criticism but sees much of it as an

    'AOL and Microsoft to Create an Ad Service to Compete With Google (ISEDB)According to Investor's Business Daily, AOL and Microsoft are working on a Web ad service that would compete with Google's service. The announcement is expected to come by the third week of December according to news reports. In light of the new reports, many industry watchers no longer expect Time Warner to unload a big piece of America Online. Even so, rumors had circulated since September that

    'NET-A-PORTER optimises search and boosts revenues with Coremetrics (e-Consultancy)LIVE Profile data delivers 400 per cent ROI NET-A-PORTER, one of the world?s leading online luxury fashion boutiques, has increased monthly revenue by 23,000, after investing in search engine optimisation. Working with Coremetrics, the leading provider of hosted web analytics and precision marketing solutions, UK-based NET-A-PORTER was able to better understand the sources and on-site

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