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    'Microsoft Working on its Own Google Base (ISEDB)Bill Gates seems to be out of new ideas, according to, Microsoft has plans to launch an online marketplace similar to Google Base code-named Fremont.Fremont is a free service in which people contribute listings, whether it's about a couch for sale or someone looking for a commuting partner. Microsoft plans to index each item, thereby adding it to the results from using Microsoft's

    'Jagger Algo Update Part 2 (ISEDB)This is the second part of the Google Jagger update discussion.. This article shall discuss the specific areas the Jagger update has altered in the Google algorithm and its possible implications on the search engine rankings.

    'New World Wide Web Emerging - Meet the New Network (ISEDB)An interesting phenomenon is coming to a monitor near you, perhaps the one you are looking at right now. The days of convergence are upon us. The trend towards the merging of media via the Internet is already causing significant cultural shifts as witnessed by the power bloggers have exercised in relation to TV and print journalism.

    'Google is Building a "a defensive war chest" (ISEDB)Speaking at an investor conference hosted by Credit Suisse First Boston, Google Chief Financial Officer George Reyes said the company's aggressive hiring efforts are, in part, designed to increase Google's size as it prepares to face off with a larger, wealthier rival - presumably a reference to Microsoft. "Our objective is to get to substantial scale as quickly as possible," Reyes said, because

    'Google Calendar (GCalendar) is coming soon (ISEDB)Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration reports that the domain is live. "The domain is live now though it shows the main Google search page for the moment. I noticed this while seeing one of my website referral Even before the launch of Google Talk and Google Base, their subdomains went live few days before the actual launch. The same can be anticipated with

    'Google Shares Drop 4.7%, Biggest Fall in a Year (ISEDB)Google shares dropped 4.7 percent on Tuesday, their biggest decline in a year, on concern that the outlook for holiday sales may not be as strong as investors had hoped. Investors have grown nervous over the outlook for Google's stock as its price has climbed, said Tim Biggam, chief options strategist at Chicago-based option trader Man Securities. "Today's sell-off is simply profit taking and

    'Yahoo vs. Broadcast Media (ISEDB)Yahoo is becoming a model for what a media company needs to be in order to be competitive in the broadcast media industry. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, Traffic to newspaper Web sites rose 11% from a year ago to 39.3 million unique visitors in October. Paid circulation at almost all of the nation's largest newspapers fell in that time. The New York Times' Web site,, topped all

    'Taking aim... (Agencyfaqs!)WITH global marketers making a bid to strengthen their grip across sectors, the search for novel ways to market products is perennial. And the word that is doing the rounds these days for internet marketers is ?search engine marketing?.

    'Lycos Top 10 Toy and Top 10 Video Game list released (ISEDB)Lycos released its list of the Top 10 most searched toys and video games this holiday season. There is something a little strange about this list though. Aside from the fact two of the toys listed relate to gambling, Lego and Star Wars toys (both staples of my childhood) are absent from the list. The Top 10 Most-Searched Toys this holiday season: Poker Playstation IPod Neopets Xbox Harry Potter

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